At BDER we use modern technology and regenerative farming to take our green initiative to the next level.

AgroEcology in Action

Welcome to Black Diamond Elk Ranch, where agroecology meets action. We are proud to be combining the disciplines of ecology and agriculture to make the best use of nature’s goods and services. Our ranch is nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, just a short drive from Calgary. We are a federally certified elk producer, exceeding all governmental standards to ensure a strong, safe, and traceable value chain.


Our ranch is committed to producing consistent, high-quality, naturally raised elk while balancing sustainable land management techniques to provide a safe and healthy land base for our animals to grow. For decades, we have served the greater Calgary area with naturally raised, hormone and steroid-free elk products for the consumer meat market, pet food market, and traditional medicine market through the harvest of velvet antler.


Located on the southern outskirts of Black Diamond, Alberta, our ranch is a well-known location for country drives via Cowboy Trail. Many are not aware of the variety of offerings that elk can provide, from meats, dog treats, ivory, and more. Our ranch has the distinction of being a fully “Certified” elk herd – the top herd status level that can be achieved in Canada.


Like other livestock industries, Canada’s elk industry is regulated by multiple provincial and federal agencies, which set standards and regulations on food safety, importing/exporting, transportation, animal welfare, and reporting requirements. With “Certified” status, our ranch exceeds all governmental standards, going over and above to ensure our value chain is strong, safe, and sustainable. We invite you to learn more about our commitment to agroecology in action at Black Diamond Elk Ranch.

Climate Positive

Our ranch is powered by two 11MW solar panels. Installed in 2019, our ranch has become a net zero carbon emitter, having produced enough electricity to supply the ranch plus power the equivalent of 6 Alberta family homes.


The combination of regulatory standards, holistic management and investments in technology allows us to track the lineage, health history and information on each stage of the value chain on the elk product.


In addition to providing high quality elk products, our unique provides an opportunity to engage with private business and public organizations, locally and abroad who share our vision of agriculture, advancing ag-tech,
ag-tourism and consumer education with the goal of providing our communities with experiences and products they can trust and enjoy.