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Ecologically Superior & Perfectly Regenerative

The natural grazing instinct of Elk mimic the most innovative modern grazing techniques. Their herding patterns keep them moving onto fresh forage while leaving a wake of well-trampled, well-fertilized land to rest and regenerate but also build new top soil creating increased fertility and drought tolerance. 


Elk antler is special for a number of reasons, including the fact that they shed and grow back every year, it is one of the only natural superfoods to come from an animal and completely renewable.


Our Approach

Agroecology in Action! At the BDER, we’re combining the best of two time-tested disciplines, ecology and agriculture, to make the best use of nature’s goods and services. Being indigenous to Alberta, a natural part of our ecology, elk are adapted to live off native plant species. 

Conveniently located on the southern outskirts of Black Diamond, our unique location provides an opportunity to engage with private businesses and public organizations with the ultimate goal of providing our communities with experiences and products they can trust and enjoy. 

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