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Rocky Mountain Elk

Welcome to Black Diamond Elk Ranch!

We are proud to be combining the disciplines of ecology and agriculture to make the best use of nature’s goods and services. Our ranch is nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, just a short drive from Calgary, Alberta. We are a federally certified elk ranch, exceeding all governmental standards to ensure a strong, safe, and traceable value chain.


BDER- raised “All Natural” elk meat with a variety of cuts & selections!


From Elk Velvet Antler to Whole Antler Sheds for your home!


Elk Antler Chews give your pets a long-lasting, safe & healthy treat!


Breeding cows, bulls & genetics available for Elk Producers!        


Outdoor Trailer Parking & Indoor on our Ranch!


Ecologically Superior & Perfectly Regenerative

The natural grazing instinct of Elk mimic the most innovative modern grazing techniques. Their herding patterns keep them moving onto fresh forage while leaving a wake of well-trampled, well-fertilized land to rest and regenerate but also build new top soil creating increased fertility and drought tolerance. 


Elk antler is special for a number of reasons, including the fact that they shed and grow back every year, it is one of the only natural superfoods to come from an animal and completely renewable.



You are what you eat.” This is a saying we have all heard many times. Being in the fitness industry what you put in your body is always of the highest priority, and that saying carries some heavy weight when it come times to prepare for a fitness competition. All the little things start to add up and when it comes to find the cleanest nutrient dense proteins it is hard to beat the products offered by the BDER. There are so many benefits to going down this path and tastes better than any store bought meat.

- Jenner B. Fitness Competitor

to help with my hemoglobin recovery after chemotherapy, I was recently encouraged to eat more red meat. I did some looking into it and decided that Elk may be an option because it’s high in protein, low in fat, jam-packed with tons of vitamins and minerals I so much appreciate Steve and BDER for the transparency and ranching practices of raising their Elk.  I have elk as a regular part of my diet and have noticed a good change in my recovery and just so enjoying the taste of eating this amazing red meat

- Dave F. Okotoks, Alberta

My wife and I have tried a number of different products from BDER for ourselves and our two dogs. We really love the Garlic Coil and the Smokies but everything is so tasty: great meats, great recipes. Delicious stuff.

- Ben S. Calgary, Alberta

To be totally honest, I was concerned that it would have too strong a taste – be to “gamey” for my liking – but Steve assured me I would enjoy it. And WOW! My wife turned one pound of BDER Elk Meat into, without doubt, the best burgers I have ever eaten.

- John S. Chestermere, Alberta

I have owned and loved Great Danes for 25 … When Steve introduced us to the Elk Antler I was apprehensive as we thought we had tried everything already. To our surprise, our Danes love them.

- Trevor W, Sturgeon County, Alberta

When we did a weekend trip to a buddy’s … it was really nice to just drop by THE BDER and pick up what I needed: convenient.

- Warren V., Calgary, Alberta

Our Approach

Agroecology in Action! At the BDER, we’re combining the best of two time-tested disciplines, ecology and agriculture, to make the best use of nature’s goods and services. Being indigenous to Alberta, a natural part of our ecology, elk are adapted to live off native plant species. 

Conveniently located on the southern outskirts of Black Diamond, our unique location provides an opportunity to engage with private business and public organizations, locally and abroad who share our vision of regenerative agriculture, advancing ag-tech, ag-tourism, and consumer education with the ultimate goal of providing our communities with experiences and products they can trust and enjoy. As such we are is actively investing in and incorporating new infrastructure and technologies to ensure the health and safety of the elk, the land, and those who work here.

Still have questions? Send us an email or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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