Who We Are

Hi everyone! My name is Boz, I’m a pure Rocky Mountain Elk. Together with my gang, I live on the Black Diamond Elk Ranch with Steve and Chuck the Newfie.

- Welcome to the Family -

You may have seen me in some videos with Steve, although he’s not new to agriculture, he’s fairly new to the elk industry. I’m slowly getting him up to speed on how we live.  Having grown up on a dairy farm, getting some education and working in the corporate world for a while, the only thing Steve knew about elk is that he didn’t have to milk us… like the cows… but he’s slowly getting the hang of things. For the last three years, me and the rest of the gang have welcomed him into the family and we look forward to meeting all of you!

- Indigenous to Alberta -

As indigenous species to Alberta, us elk are a natural part of the ecology. We’re adapted to live off native plant species, which means that we consume far fewer resources per pound of product compared to similar consumer products, including plant-based protein. Whether it’s renewable antler or protein and vitamin-rich meat, our products are sustainably produced and naturally sourced. We’re proud to be a part of agroecology in action here at Black Diamond Elk Ranch, and we look forward to sharing our products with you.